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Dating pleasure

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You're probably wondering, "What am I supposed to do with all that time? Nipple play and caressing her other body parts are ideal ways to pass the time here.

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Pleasure describes the broad class of mental states that humans and other animals experience as positive, enjoyable, or worth seeking.Imagine if your girl brought you just to the edge of orgasm, then backed away without explaining that there was a greater goal she was trying to get you to.Edging definitely isn't something you can just try out without having a conversation.Learning how to pay attention to what you're doing that's getting her there -- and keeping it consistent until you get to the backoff stage -- is key.Again, what feels best for your partner when it comes to edging is going to vary from person to person.But there are three distinct edging techniques that the women from this study raved about that we're going to take you through.

With all three of these approaches, keep in mind that the lighter the touch, the better.

The art of edging centers around getting her to the "approach" stage of her orgasm -- which is when the orgasm is starting to brew, but isn't at the point where it's going to spill over.

"Usually, the first few times you try this, people say it helps when she actually says she's getting close, versus the guy just trying to intuit it," Rob explains.

And nothing kills an orgasm faster than a woman feeling stressed out about whether or not she's going to have one.

"Asking, 'tell me when you're close' can put psychological pressure on the woman, and actually prevent the orgasm," explains Rob Perkins, co-founder of OMGYes.

' It can be something like, ' Hey, let's try getting close and backing off over and over -- I heard it can build an even bigger orgasm.'" Get on the same page with your partner about edging before you try this at home, folks.