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Dating shouldnt feel doubt feel bad

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Instead, it's a taboo about that traditional province of women: relationships.

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She worried that it meant she wasn't liberated and was still defined by traditional expectations of women.Hannah, the protagonist of HBO's Girls, worried during the show's first season that being in an actual relationship with a man, as opposed to friends with benefits, would compromise her art.When her casual sex partner expressed his interest in committing, she jumped ship.This realization—that she might want to prioritize a relationship over a career—felt shocking to Katie, and she did not admit to it easily.She felt deeply ashamed by such thoughts, worried that they signaled weakness and dependence, qualities she did not admire.That they're not waiting for romance, but assessing their next sexual conquest.

As a sociologist who's interviewed several 20-something women on their sexual development, I've found straight young women aren't necessarily embracing hooking up because they're masters of their own destiny, as suggested by Hanna Rosin here a but because they face a new taboo and it's not about sex or money or power.

Has not suddenly turned into a person who he/she always promised you would be. They CAN put on another mask and pretend again for a while, but this is all, this is all that is happening.

Not just sometimes, but all the time, as this is the way that they are. Your ex hasn’t suddenly turned into an amazing person.

Some young women deeply desire meaningful relationships with men, even as they feel guilty about those desires.

Many express the same sentiment again and again: "Why do I, a young and highly educated woman in the 21st century, value relationships with men so highly?

She's living her life in accordance with the new taboo, investing in experience but not in relationships.