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“The government has to determine how much the farmers will lose and act rapidly to cover these losses so that the farmers can survive.“This is also a national action plan like our struggle against the outlawed Kurdish Workers’ Party [PKK] terrorists.We need to solve our problems in cooperation.” Dolap said the steps the government had taken so far for their region were very important yet insufficient since although the government suspended loan repayments to public banks, 80 percent of the region’s farmers had borrowed from private banks, which are not so eager to offer postponement of payments for indebted farmers.Cattle and sheep breeding is a major source of income among the farmers of the Southeast, and barley prices thus have tremendous significance for them.Soil Products Office (TMO) President İsmail Kemaloğlu said they expect Turkey’s total barley production to be 6 million tons this year, which means it will need to import this grain during 2008.There should be no discrimination based on regions or products in delivering these benefits,” he further suggested.

The decrease in grain production in the world and in particular in Turkey is expected to increase the prices of grains this year and in following years; however nobody expects Turkey will have a supply shortage in grains, at least for 2008.

According to this study, the rate of loss in grain production in 2008 to date has been 90 percent compared to the average production of provinces including Mardin, Şanlıurfa, Diyarbakır, Batman, Hakkari, Muş, Siirt, Şırnak, Gaziantep and Elazığ. Bayraktar said these provinces provide 13 percent of Turkey’s wheat, 16 percent of barley and 86 percent of lentils, adding that there has been close to a 90 percent decrease so far this year in the grain production of the southeastern region, which means there will be a decrease of 2.5 million tons in Turkey’s total wheat production.

Similarly, lentil production in the southeastern Anatolia region, which alone fills 86 percent of Turkey’s total lentil demand, also declined by 60 percent in the first half of the year.

We are negotiating with the US, Kazakhstan and Russia about it.”Bayraktar said considering the drought in the central and southeastern Anatolia regions, the total production losses for 2008 are expected to be around 20 percent.

“The 150 percent rise in fertilizer prices and over 30 percent increase in diesel prices drive the production costs of wheat.

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