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Dating tip for girl

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So if you’ve been in a dating rut, take a break for some personal reflection.Start writing down who you are, and what you’re looking for.

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So get extra mileage out of them by joining clubs, going on trips, taking classes, and following through on your hobbies in new ways that allow you to meet new men you might want to date.It also helps alleviate some of that shyness you might have in a [traditional] social setting.” Then set up casual coffee dates with people you like.It won’t be as awkward as a blind coffee date because you already have a shared experience in common.We ask Nancy Pina, a Christian relationship counselor based in Houston, Texas, for five dating tips every shy girl must know.If you’re going to find the right man, you first need to know who you are and what you like.“It really works better for women when they’re the initiator. “Sending an email is not going to show you’re aggressive,” says Pina. Throw it out there and know not to take it personally if he doesn’t respond. If not, it’s not about me.’ Joining an online site and exchanging messages with potential suitors may seem like the last to-do, but it’s really just the beginning.

Shy girls sometimes sign up for dating sites, and find someone they click with, but then never take the dates offline.

“Get online and get on at least one dating website,” Pina says.

It makes it easy to look for men without trying to scout them out at a party from behind your wine glass.

“You have to get away from the emails and texts to an actual meeting,” says Pina. It’s important not to waste months or even years on someone who’s not going to materialize into a commitment.” And once you finally go on that date, what do you talk about?

Don’t worry, the answer to that question is actually really easy: “What you’re passionate about,” says Pina.

Then they hit their forties and they’re not married.” Pina explains that many people face a dating dilemma once they graduate from college and are no longer surrounded by their peers.