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Dating tips for plus size women

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Compared to petites you have more space to work with and you can handle bigger details, however, it's extremely important that you select details that are scaled to your body size.Because if you for example put on a dainty necklace, you'll emphasize your large proportions.

That's because their hips take the center-stage and make the eye go horizontally.Despite that image consultants are preaching about balanced body proportions, having long legs is considered attractive - simply because it elongates your frame and can trick people into thinking you're taller and thinner. However, super-long legs and a super-short torso may throw off your proportions.Click here for more fashion advice on how to dress your vertical body shape.If you're a plus size at 5'4" (163 cm) or shorter then you need to look for petite plus size clothing, as well as work strategically with prints, shapes and other details - helping you look taller.I opened up my laptop to write this post and I had a little epiphany.Social Clout: 9,987 followers, 9,052 likes URL: Bragging Rights: body positive, plus size and curves Kelly is the saucy, sexy and single Aussie behind Big Curvy Love. The blog recently added a male perspective by way of Chubstr’s Bruce.

Social Clout: 3,876 likes, 1,548 followers URL: Bragging Rights: latest news on curvy celebs Connecting with more than 400,000 visitors each month, Daily Venus Diva has a huge interactive community that looks at fashion, news and beauty trends for women with curves.

Here you'll find recommended cuts, prints, necklines and styles suited for your plus size body figure.

If you're also a petite (5'4" - 163cm short) I also recommend you to take a look at the Petite fashion guide as well.

Also, another key factor to dressing your full-figure size is your body frame's vertical line; meaning, how long your upper half is compared to your bottom half (torso versus hips and legs).

You might have longer or shorter legs than your upper body or vice versa, which also requires a couple of outfit adjustments.

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