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Dating tips for ugly guys

With these adorable voting papers you can have each of your guests take a vote. Music can really add a great effect to the mood and feel of your party!We even included a tally sheet for you to keep track of the votes! May they wear it as proud as they do their grandma’s sweater! Now let’s put it all together with some additional diva-fied ideas for hosting the Let’s start with decor. What could be more perfect than hot chocolate for a date night like this?

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Our printables come with 12 name tags each with a unique saying and a place for your guest’s name.I wasn’t kidding when I said that we had everything for you! As soon as your guests enter the party they can feel surrounded by holiday cheer. I asked my guests to each bring a different topping to add to our hot chocolate bar.We had marshmallows, candy canes, mints, whip creme, wafers and sprinkles. Of COURSE you have to document the ugliness as your guests enter!You can attach these to a head band, make a paper band or use elastic.Someone has to decide WHO can claim the victory of the ultimate ugly sweater! Pull out the tinsel, the tree and stockings, but don’t feel like it has to be pretty or elegant. To really set the tone for your party, make sure you have some cheesy holiday music playing.I'm talking about being aware that when you online date, you give strangers access to you. You do need remind yourself that you know absolutely nothing about the people you're meeting.

It's like walking around Times Square wearing a sandwich sign with your life story on it. In fact there are very It is not my intention to scare the holy Jesus out of anyone here. It is my opinion that your online dating images should be used ONLY for online dating. I certainly hope they're not, but they could be lying about everything they say to you.

My dating safety practices have changed over the years. Most guys aren't going to walk the streets of Fort Greene at rush hour waiting to bump into you on your walk home. I'm talking about not giving the sort of bloke the opportunity to find you or engage in any sort of sinister stalking behavior. Don't add them on Facebook, don't follow them on Instagram. You have no idea what kind of identifying information is lurking in your photos. While we're at it, check the privacy settings on ALL of your social media platforms. Your online date shouldn't know your last name (yet), but just in case, get in there and clean up anything you don't want online.

I'm not talking about holding your hand over your cup at a party to avoid being roofied. Try not to pee your pants when identifying information about you pops up. Make sure only people who actually know you have access to your info. Consider having a separate private account for friends and family. It's not enough to be "smart" about online dating.

Antlers and a nose that even Rudolf would be jealous of.

This reindeer attire is include so you can play the Santa’s Kisses game (details below) and look even MORE ridiculous that you already did!

Your guests can open their invitation to reveal an inspirational tacky sweater and all the details of the event.