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Dating vintage gillette razors

From 1931 to 1950 there were no distinguishing marks, then in mid 1950 they started again with a new system.

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When you see Gillette razors advertised you will often see the date code included in the description. So, say, the Fat Boy was made for just four years and it would be quite simple to accumulate one made in each quarter that it was manufactured. As with everything to do with personal shaving date of birth razors are a personal thing, to some people they are important and they hunt them down, other people just can’t be bothered. This is something rather nice that you can do with traditional, real shaving.Gillette have been the dominant manufacturer of shaving equipment on planet earth for about a century.Still, the demand for barbers declined as the popularity of safety razors grew; new makers like Schick, Ever-Ready, and the Gem Cutlery Company soon joined the field.Other innovations followed, like Schick’s model that stored unused blades in its handle and would automatically load a new blade into the shaving head, but the most popular razor designs have remained nearly unaltered since the early 20th century. With Box & Blade Holder1960's~edge Brand 469 German Bowie Razor Sharp Hunting Knife W/edge Mark Sheath~Vintage 1956 Gillette British Aristocrat Eng Made No 58 Set Tto De Safety Razor Gillette F 4 Red Dot Toggle Adjustable Razor Wade&butcher Straight Razor For Barbers Only 17/16 Jumbo Old Vtg Antique Wade&butcher Straight Razor Horn Scales 7/8 Early Rivets & Case Old Vtg Antique New Old Stock Nos Straight Razor Cut Throat Thiers Issard Aigle (eagle) 6/8" 1920 Vintage Bostonian Diamond Pattern Gillette Razor With Box & Blade Bank Gillette Toggle F4 Adjustable Razor Nickel Plated 1960 Rare Vintage Mellon Grand King Shave Self Lubricating Safety Razor Unmarked Rare!And there was a brief period in 1927/8 when there were no serial numbers.

If you have a serial numbered razor then you can easily look it up against online tables to get its manufacturing date.

Gillette’s safety razor used two small, disposable, pressed-steel blades fitted into a metal closure, which made them much simpler to use.

The blades were also cheap to replace when dull, which meant no more endless stropping. The marketing tactic worked, and many soldiers came back from Europe with a new favorite razor.

Looking at some of my razors there is a red tip Super Speed that has B2 stamped on the underside of the head, this razor was made in April, May or June of 1956 and it still shaves perfectly today.

I have 2 Toggles, a D1 and an F4, they are from Quarter1 1958 and Q4 1960 respectively.

During all of that time they made fantastic, well engineered, very high quality double edged safety razors.