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Dating while traveling

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The only painful ego blow is when you make a cultural reference that your new “friend” doesn’t understand because when it was popular, he was still in elementary school.

Deborah, a single in New York City, discovered the travel potential of dating services by accident: "I landed in Istanbul last year, and I logged into OKCupid, and this guy messages me, and asks if I want to get drinks," she said.You can meet someone on a Monday, think the sun shines just for him or her all week, and by Sunday be happy they have to catch a flight out of the country.It’s best to accept that every season has an end, be casual friends on Facebook for a few weeks, and then never speak to each other again.Sure, you can have a magical full-moon moment on the beach, staying up until sunrise talking about your dreams, but eventually you realize that, in any other location, you would struggle to hold a conversation with the very same person.You know this guy will never open a hostel or the ultimate banana-pancakes street stand.The bumps along the way are what make great stories among friends that you’ll laugh and cry about later.

[Matt’s note: Here are my own experiences on finding love while traveling.]Some are lucky and do find love on the road — and that’s what keeps us all hopeful.

Jealousy Hostels are fantastic for meeting people, but they are also the ultimate breeding ground for jealousy.

One day you meet a great guy and seem to hit it off, spending every moment of the day together.

Tinder Passport, a premium feature that costs $10 a month for those under 30, and $20 a month for those over, lets users browse possible matches in cities they aren't currently in.

Travelers are already using dating apps on the road, but the focus on hookups takes away from how great the services can be travel recommendations.

A travel study conducted by Expedia and Tinder found that travelers preferred to use dating apps on the road when they were traveling in a group, but solo travelers like Erica can get as much if not more out of using them.