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Dating while undercover

dating while undercover-48

It was pretty incredible to see the dire situations that Falco got into and to see how well he thought on his feet and how he managed to get out of the hot-seat.It was good to see a more realistic view on the biker lifestyle.

And actually, I appreciated having more insight into what he was thinking and feeling. If this wasn't based on a real life story and was a work of fiction, it would seem really lacking.I believe he infiltrated biker clubs/gangs a total of 2 or 3 times.On this week’s show Charlie gets into some hot water when her C. Tonight’s episode begins now – Refresh Page for Updates Where we last left them Briggs had pulled a gun on Mike demanding who he’s been speaking to. Briggs stops him from getting his gun when there are interrupted by Bello himself. On last week’s episode Mike discovered that life undercover brought with it some moral question, as he and Briggs tried to incite rival gangs to target each other. I cannot wait for tonight’s episode 3 of Graceland last week’s episode 2 was fantastic.Bello wanted to know why Briggs pulled gun on his friend. So make sure to bookmark this spot, and come back for our live coverage of Graceland Season 1 episode 3 right here. While you wait for the recap, check out the sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

On tonight’s show Briggs calls on the house to help Lauren with her case against the Russian Mafia and Charlie gets into some hot water when her C. The show airs tonight on USA Network at 10PM EST and we will be covering it with all the details.

Back at Graceland, congratulatory drinks are going around. Apparently something big is going and Briggs, now curious, wants to help. Mike and Paige create a diversion in order for her to check under a van.

The only ones not participating are Lauren and Briggs. Briggs demands all of the FBI guys, so of course DJ and Paige leave, before he tells them a plan to nab some mobsters. The guy is twitchy but he swears he has good information for Charlie. Her friend tries to get the dealers to pay more so that he can get a bigger cut.

Bello returns Mike’s gun to him and the let the guys go. She has to tell him that they can’t work together anymore. There were more Russians than they thought so Johnny ended up injured nevertheless they were able to catch all culprits. Mike chats up a girl thanks to some help from Paige. Paige takes him back to the house to find out what’s going on. Briggs understands and yet he won’t fix this for her.

Briggs is jubilant that they got away with it whereas Mike is still shaken from having a gun pulled on him. She tries to convince to enter rehab but he doesn’t believe that will work. Later Briggs wants a minute alone with the guy who beat up Lauren but he notices the guy’s hands are even bruised or discolored. Briggs wants to know why if the truck driver saw Lauren was she able to leave the warehouse alive and only with bruises. Walking on the beach, Mike is still with the girl from last night. She’s blaming Paige and wants Briggs to go to bat for her.

I remember thinking that The History Channel really messed up what could have been an otherwise great TV show. Even though Falco spent 3 years of his life infiltrating this often vicious gang it gets condensed down to 6 shows? I would think that given the huge success of Sons of Anarchy that there would be tons of people wanting to see into the real existence of a Biker Club/gang.