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Initially designed to provide players with easy access to the Fabula Nova Crystallis universe, the mobile version was eventually cancelled and the game's title was changed to distance it from the subseries' flagship title Final Fantasy XIII.Releasing to strong sales, it received praise for its story and gameplay, but was criticized for its camera control and artificial intelligence.

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The player initially travels to preset destinations in the world on an airship supplied by the Peristylium, but gains their own airship to freely navigate the world map with after defeating a powerful enemy guarding it.The color of Phantoma indicates what aspect of the character it will replenish, though in general they automatically replenish a set amount of magic points.Phantoma are used in the game's leveling system, the Altocrystarium, to strengthen a character's magic skills. Success rewards the character, while failure drains their health.The gameplay, similar to Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, has the player taking control of characters in real-time combat during missions across Orience.The player also engages in large-scale strategy-based battles on the world map, and has access to a multiplayer option during story missions and side quests.Characters are able to perform precisely timed attacks during the period when an enemy unit is attacking: the "Break Sight", which deals high damage, and the "Kill Sight", which kills a standard enemy with a single hit.

Defeated enemy units drop a substance called Phantoma.

Summoning them empties the selected character's health gauge, removing them from battle until they are revived.

Summons are also affected by the current environment: as an example, Shiva's powers are stronger in snowy weather.

The player is allowed access to three characters, which they can swap between at any time.

The two not being controlled are managed by the game's artificial intelligence.

Players can visit the Peristylium Crystarium to review defeated enemies, character information, in-game lore and special video clips.