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Everyone has to “view” whichever/whatever profile Zoosk decides to throws in their face. Zoosk also feeds people’s false hopes by telling people that other members have viewed their profiles. Im doing a trial and its a waste of time most of the guys on there have abandoned their profiles without officially deleting them so you’re emailing dead and fake profiles.

Thank you marrymesugardaddy for finding me my very own Sugar Daddy soul mate! Laugh now, but I have tested a few out and more times than not, I am coming across nasty, horn dog men who have no intention of actually dating (and their very existence is in question.) So bravo MMSD on accomplishing that one. We have been dating for 3 months now and I am completely satisfied. The fourth star is definitely worthy of being noted as this is a sugar daddy site. She is Russian American and I can not ask for a better woman.Let’s set the record straight for our Zoosk review.Zoosk is the most dubious dating website we have ever visited.Sometimes what you think will make you happy does not, and what you do not think will make you happy does. She blew me away and I will take care of her for the rest of my life.Kind Regards, Richard & Nina Do not give up on this site!I paid for one month subscription and the only actual contact I had with anyone was with 4 Russian scammers !

– They charge you to join and communicate with one another. And to make it worse, Zoosk asks that you send certified or registered snail mail to cancel your subscription.

Well, Zoosk used to be a pretty good and reputable dating site 4-5 years ago, now it is just a rip-off charging off every services.

You have to pay for basic services that other sites provide for free i.e.

viewing profiles, seeing/sending messages, using their Smart Pick, literally everything).

Usage of Zoosk Dating Site Besides that, the usage of the site is terrifying and frustrating as well: – The experience you get is very artificial with all of the unintentional “views”.

I had to drive 160 miles to meet her, but that 2.5 hour drive was so worth the anxiety and wait.