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I know from experience that many blokes skim through the photos first before reading the rest. The photo you like might not really be of the person profiled.

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It was a fantastic way to meet people and develop a busy social life from a base of zero friends." She, too, is now happily in love - but I'll come to that later. I don't mean you should lose your heart, just that you should take online dating seriously."Some amusing email chat eventually led to a few dates. I'm now five years into a relationship with one of those 'dates', and long may it continue.I would urge anyone who is lonely to give internet dating a try." Women like men who make them laugh.Writing this book was truly a labor of love and it’s full of hilarious and true stories that will help you to meet practically any woman, any time and anywhere – then engage her in a humorous and fun conversation.It includes steps to take the conversation to a deeper and more personal level so you can escalate the physical attraction.I've identified eight rules for successful internet dating, but before I pass them on to you, here are one or two happy stories to encourage you to persevere (which, by the way, is Rule Eight, so don't give up just yet).

Jane went online after she was widowed at the age of 59. "One seemed hopeful, but it turned out he was only wonderful when sober.

It’s based on the science of Evolutionary Psychology and the best advice of some of the most famous dating experts in the business.

This entertaining book includes my patented, non-threatening and very simple approach that has never failed me in over 500 encounters with women I’ve wanted to meet and get to know better.

Included in your investment is a One Hour consultation with one of my team members.

You may use this free consultation at anytime during the first 90 days.

It’s recommended that you wait a few weeks to a month to have your session to save any questions you may have with the program or any other dating challenges you’ll probably encounter.