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I say this because I know — or, rather, once knew — such a person. I don't know what it is about women that you know had a tough childhood growing up, that had neglecting parents or went through stressful or frightening experiences, but they always intrigued me.This is not to say that they were f*cked up in the head (if anything, I probably was); they were girls that matured at a younger age because their life demanded them do so.

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She was a very emotional girl, so such instances would affect her profoundly. We had a pretty open relationship at the start; I'm not one to request exclusivity when things first get going.When we had first gotten together and I had the pleasure of getting to know her, I learned a lot about her. I'll spare you all the details of what exactly it is that I learned about her — if at the very least not to make her feel violated in case she is reading this — but let us just say that she had a tendency of putting herself in situations where she would be emotionally abused.All the bad relationships that she had with her family, with boys and with friends throughout her life had convinced her that she had to be the one at fault. But let's be honest — women are no longer really women. Sure, there are many out there today that hold themselves to their own set of standards and I respect them for that.I don't mean that they are lacking cooking, cleaning and nurturing skills, although they should know how to do all those things, just as men should. Unfortunately, the majority of women that I have encountered in my life — especially as of late — don't respect themselves.There's such an enormous amount of pressure on us coming from outside forces that there is no shortage of reasons why people break or lose control. Women have it especially difficult because no matter what people may say or believe, the fact remains that women continue to be treated differently in this world; they are not allowed all the same opportunities and are often looked upon as objects and/or possessions.

They are disrespected, belittled, shamed publicly and trained to believe that this sort of treatment, this sort of life that they are exposed to, is acceptable.

They were girls that grew thick skin and weren't keen on letting others — especially men — into their lives.

It most likely had to do with the great challenge that they presented.

Life had convinced her that something had to be wrong with her.

If all those you grew up with, all those you ever cared about, had let you down at one time or another or had broken your trust, it's not surprising how you could think that you were the one that was screwed up.

She was a very sexual person and liked to experiment — she was not shy to say the least and had her share of partners. We believe sex to be a release — a release of stress, of tension, a release of everything that is weighing down on our minds or our souls.