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Dougie poynter dating stacey mcclean

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Footballer Wayne Rooney, who this year had a hair transplant, came third in the list.Rooney previously topped Brylcreem's ' Worst Hair' poll in 2004.

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Other guest duos in the New Year include Richard Madeley and DJ Sara Cox and Stacey Solomon and comic Lee Mack. remains one of my favourite TV shows and I just hope my mate Sara and I raise a decent amount for our charities.The pair had to climb a large, slippery slide in the infamous challenge, while attempting to touch down on four markers with a giant star, each worth £25,000. The lure of boyband stardom is plain for all to see: untold riches, an adoring fanbase of screaming teenage girls and the chance to go on national television and chew the genitals of an antipodean mammal.While trying to climb up the slope, they were barraged with plastic balls, (more) » - By Tom Eames Strictly Come Dancing and I'm a Celebrity … Ok, so maybe the last one only applies to Mc Fly, who seem to have boosted their somewhat flagging profile of late with members winning both I'm a Celebrity ...Back then Mc Fly (named after Michael » - Tim Jonze Strictly Come Dancing champion Harry Judd has spoken out about his brief fling with Us star Lindsay Lohan, describing it as nothing more than a "fumble".Mc Fly drummer Judd and Lohan were romantically linked in 2005 when they both worked together on the movie Just My Luck.Mark Wright likes to cuddle in bed with best friend James ' Arg' Argent. We have sleepovers, » Mc Fly drummer crowns dance show success by winning best celebrity hair of the year As if 2011 hasn't been memorable enough for Strictly Come Dancing champion Harry Judd – what do you mean you don't remember him?

The former ' Only Way is Essex' star explained he is "comfortable enough with his sexuality" to hop into bed with his pal, and loves having another bromance with Mc Fly bassist Dougie Poynter after the pair grew close in the ' I'm A Celebrity . – the instantly recognisable Mc Fly drummer has been voted the winner of the best celebrity hair of the year.

| Blogs Today and tomorrow, finance ministers from the world’s 20 largest economies are gathering in the spa town of Baden-Baden, Germany to discuss issues and challenges related to our global financial system.

That discussion will include fossil fuel subsidies, a long-standing agenda item of G20 gatherings.

"I have had the most incredible experience, thank you.

"I've been on the best show on TV and I'm just honoured.

I'll be playing for the Caron Keating Foundation.