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Dreamweaver template not updating child pages

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Make sure you have set regions on your pages called Editable Regions.The html (no spaces in your page names) pages should have editable regions in which whoever access these pages, they can only edit the places you mark as editable.

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Track 2 epitomizes the power of Layout Builder Magic.This page was built using the techniques taught in this tutorial.As you view additional pages, you will find differing column and row configurations.All pages should be named and titled properly, use all of the web elements that we have covered so far including our a3 assignment elements.Tip: Mock up your design in Photoshop for an idea of your design so we c;an slice our images.But what do you do when the template itself was developed with outdated code and the site needs a complete design overhaul?

How do you fix it without having to cut and paste the content from every existing page to a newly designed one?

With trepidation and fear of making a colossal mess of things, I backed up the site I wanted to modify.

If you have ever updated an entire site with Dreamweaver’s feature to discover you have destroyed valid code in every document, a good back up is a helpful thing, so I recommend you do the same before attempting my solutions.

DWT files - One for your Home Page Layout and One for all of your inner pages.

Create a total of 5 webpages on any topic of your choice, using your DWT files.

One site I developed over the course of 14 years had 6 active templates. The site badly needed a new design and new code, but how could I update the templates and 300 pages of static web content without spending weeks of labor?