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He is currently startup mentor for various programs, the London Manager for Founder, runs the Developers and Entrepreneurs meetup with over 1.7k members and was previously co-founder and CTO at Monapart If your are in this list: congratulations, you are mentioned by Dutch Startups!Now lets find out whether you are part of the top mentioned parties.

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She hopes to expand the options soon, as well as offer rings, bracelets, and bookmarks.Jessica is Cofounder & Chief Connector of Founder Dating.She is passionate about helping entrepreneurs through her work and is also a 500 Startups mentor.Previously, Jessica was CEO of Formative Labs and led Business Development and was GM of Platforms at Bebo (Acquired by AOL).She holds a BBA from University of Michigan and an MBA from Harvard.“It’s cool to meet new people with the same kind of passions.

It’s also nice to have your interests align with your career path,” Ritchey explains.

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Drew is active in the startup community, acting as a mentor for the Startfast Accelerator Program and an advisor/investor in early stage ventures.

Rebecca Ritchey runs Eating Books, a literary food blog.

She describes herself as a writer, a reader of books, a squeezer of cats, and an all around curmudgeon.

So when it came to promotion on Instagram or Twitter, she decided to keep it general, typically food paired with fitting literary quotes.