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Eddy lipstick dating

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Old Jonny claims that "she's still got it," but Old Eddy does not know what Jonny is talking about (a confused Eddy thought "it" was liver spots). She is kind-hearted, sweet-natured, laid-back, and even-tempered, but also has a lot of grit.

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Trendy and beautiful, she mostly hangs out with Kevin.She even invited him into her house, offered him eggnog, and put a mistletoe in between them in an attempt to make him kiss her. She kindly tolerates his advances, but is not one to be won over by them.Interestingly, in Ed, Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show, she first seems to admire Eddy's brother, but she is the first to say "Eddy's brother is a jerk" and change her perspective of him.All of the boys except Rolf and Jimmy are infatuated with her. Although Nazz is usually depicted as sweet and smart, she can occasionally be somewhat eccentric and acts as the stereotypical "dumb blonde" and girl-next-door.Whenever one of the boys encounters her, they often begin to sweat and lose the ability to speak coherently. She doesn't mind the Eds unless they bother her or her friends.She does have her "airhead" moments, like during the Ponce de la Ed scam when she thought a disgusted and sarcastic Kevin was actually ordering a barf bag, to which she responded, "Where's that on the menu?

" Also, when Rolf tried to help Kevin woo Nazz by shaving her name into Victor's pelt, she thought that Victor had changed his name to Nazz.

On one occasion, she even babysat Eddy ("To Sir with Ed"), which shows the adults probably find her trustworthy, as well as mature. Baron O' Beefdip • Bob • Double G • Eddo • Eddy's Brother • Evil Tim • James • Jib • Jim • Kanker Sisters' Babies • Kanker Sisters' Fathers • Mr. Yum Yum • Plank's Parents • Polly Poo Poo • Salty Sam • Santa Claus • Sawtooth Cecil • Scoot (Drive-Through Guy) • Wolf • Yeshmiyek Bastian • Ed's Aunt • Ed's Father • Ed's Mother • Edd's Father • Edd's Mother • Eddy's Father • Eddy's Mother • Eddy's Grandfather • Eddy's Grandmother • Gerta the Goatmilker • Gretchen • Hyuck • James • Jimmy's Father • Jimmy's Mother • Joe • Kanker Sisters' Mother • Kevin's Father • Lord Kanker • Marion • Nurse Prowse • Rolf's Father • Rolf's Mother • Rolf's Nana • Rolf's Great Nana • Rolf's Great Nano • Yonick Average Joe • Bobby Blabby • Buzzy Double Bee • Captain Melonhead • Ed The Great • The Claw • Eddy the Christmas Angel • Eddy-Dini • Edzilla • Erupting Eds • The Gourd • Kankerator • King Tuckyershirtin • Lothar • The Masked Mumbler • Mr.

Fans had watched her crash and burn last week after she failed to hit it off with James.

During the Big Picture Show, her hair had been sheared horribly and she was seen wearing a large cardboard box.

Later on, she is seen wearing her old clothes, but wearing a white spotted, red bandana around her head.

Nazz is shown to be very "in" with the way she dresses and could easily be considered the best-dressed character.