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Elyse sewell dating

I should have went to Hong Kong, Singapore, France, etc) but instead they signed Elyse and sent her off to the very places that I was trying to go. I wasn't mad at Elyse for being treated better than myself at our agency.

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I called up Adrianne Curry to see what she was doing tonight.Chris was appalled at how my career was being run, and knew I was in a bad deal.We discussed little things, how I planned to get out of my contract, how I was looking for new management, even what I was paid on the Surreal Life.So I was watching a shanzhai DVD of He's Just Not That Into You the other day. By the time I realized what a monster jam it was, it was already over, and I scrambled up to the counter calling my agent to explain to her that I wanted her to explain to the cashier that I wanted to know the name of the song or see the CD they were playing in the store.What're you going to do about it, lose all respect for me? My heart was already sinking, knowing it wasn't going to work (I know through firsthand experience that, when you can't see the stereo, "Please write down the name of the song that was playing before this one" is almost but not quite impossible to communicate via charades).If you don't know, Adrianne was the damn cool winner from my season of America's Next Top Model.

After ANTM, Adrianne was on a show called The Surreal Life (about B-list celebrities living in a house together), where she met and fell in love with Christopher Knight, who played Peter Brady on 70s TV show The Brady Bunch.

I may have slept too long on composing this entry: my Euro vacation is over and I'm back in Albuquerque; so much has happened between then/there and now/here that I feel like I'm trying to write about the distant past rather than two weeks ago! I've been traveling for so long that my acquisitive impulse has been crushed like a hideous Taiwanese bead sculpture in an overstuffed suitcase.

Oh well, I'll do my best to make it interesting even if it's not quite fresh. I never really got comfortable with the Hungarian Forint (US$1 = 193.77Ft). As of today, I'm on Euro vacation: warm greetings from the Continent. My countrymen, did y'all know that they basically speak Murkin in the mirrorworld, skewed about fifteen degrees more hilarious? British Brunch Bar and Nutri Grain Elevenses Raisin Bake are not meant to share a 7-11 shelf with Funyuns and Flamin' Hot Asteroids. I mean, Facebank, you're cute and all, but you're not coming home with me.

Oh damn, trying to think up that stupid last line (actually, trying to concisely incorporate the image of myself as Scrooge Mc Duck diving into a pool of money/giftbag swag) made me too late to go to Starbucks to post this entry tonight.

If I were only more of a celebrity and less of a jackass this would never happen to me again!

), short), a girl from The Apprentice (so I was told by a bystander), and an unidentified woman whose publicist was overheard exchanging sympathetic grunts with Dennis.