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Email address for dating site

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I googled his user name and it came up on a gay chat site for men, and took me to his profile.

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From Sometimes people try to sneak something into their profile that is against's Terms of Use, which all members agree to when they sign up.Ideally, even a novice profile-viewer will approach a nonsense phrase such as "zinc typewriter" with a Google search. Rejected is when a member has uploaded obscene or pornographic photos or has tried to "sneak" contact information or website links into their profile."Hmm, she sounds nice, but what the hell is a "zinc typewriter"? Rejection is a temporary freeze on the account made by the admin of Latin Love Search until the profile content conforms to our standards.I'm not saying it's impossible - I just can't figure out how having an @ address makes you any more or less vulnerable than doing it through the server on this website.With having access to ANY of your personal information such as, email, name, or cell numbers, they can do a background check on you and find out all sorts of info on you.If you can somehow sneak your email address into your profile, " " You can avoid paying, and you can attract the people who are really scouring your profile.

It could save you both money, and even inject a little corporation-busting intrigue into your relationship.

I'm wondering why guys that have sent me a message, and I respond to, then give metheir personal email account and ask me to email them there. Otherwise I see no danger in setting up an account somewhere that you use just for dating, if you're worried about spam.

I don't see how emailing through an email server is opening one up to scammers.

They can also use both your email and phone number on search engines such as Spokeo and discover where you live, where you work, what your income is, whether you have children, divorced, widowed, single, when your birthday is, what other sites you use, family member names, and in some cases, a full panoramic view of your home.

If you don't believe me, go to the site and put in your own information. For safety, if you choose to give out your email, use a address that you only chat with and do not have tied to any other accounts.

This is like a bank slipping $700 into your checking account, only to charge you a fee when you pull it out of the ATM.