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Endometrial dating pathology

Endometrial biopsy is useful in the work-up of abnormal uterine bleeding, cancer screening, endometrial dating and infertility evaluation.Contraindications to the procedure include pregnancy, acute pelvic inflammatory disease, and acute cervical or vaginal infections.

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Once the physician is sterile-gloved and has placed the speculum, the nurse can spray the benzocaine spray onto the cervix for 5 seconds, avoiding contamination of the sterile speculum with the extended spray nozzle.ENDOMETRIUM, BIOPSY: - VERY WEAKLY PROLIFERATIVE ENDOMETRIAL GLANDS WITH NEUTROPHILS AND APOPTOSIS. - NEGATIVE FOR HYPERPLASIA AND NEGATIVE FOR MALIGNANCY.ENDOMETRIUM, ASPIRATION: - CONSISTENT WITH MENSTRUAL ENDOMETRIUM (FRAGMENTED ENDOMETRIUM WITH PSEUDOSTRATIFIED GLANDS WITH APOPTOTIC CELLS, ABUNDANT NEUTROPHILS, CONDENSED ENDOMETRIAL STROMA AND BLOOD).Physicians who perform other gynecologic procedures find that endometrial biopsy is a natural addition to their practice.The American Academy of Family Physicians offers a comprehensive training course in endometrial biopsy for physicians wanting intensive training.Endometrial biopsy is a blind procedure and should be considered part of the evaluation that could include imaging studies, such as hysteroscopy or transvaginal ultrasonography.

While a negative study is reassuring, further evaluation is warranted if a patient demonstrates continued abnormal bleeding.


Endometrium, Biopsy: - Consistent with menstrual endometrium.

Postoperative infection is rare but may be further prevented through the use of prophylactic antibiotic therapy.

Intraoperative and postoperative cramping are frequent side effects.

Office endometrial suction catheters are easy to use, and several have been reported to have diagnostic accuracy that is equal or superior to the dilatation and curettage (D&C) procedure.