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Examples of consolidating data in excel

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This process will be repeated at the end of each fiscal year.PSE215 will accept the new salary, and one-time bonus payment if applicable, and will process the action in PMIS, if correct.

PSE200: The PSE200 transaction will retract the FY16 Salary Increase action provided that no subsequent transactions have been keyed.The listed positions are subject to being abolished unless agency action is taken for positions having a “Y” Abolish flag value.This year we listed all positions vacant since July 1, 2015 or before, and we did change the flag from “N” to “Y” for the positions identified as vacant since July 1, 2015 or before.ITech plans to apply the salary increases to PMIS on August 10, 2015 using PMIS status as of the evening of August 10 following close of business at p.m. For CIPPS agencies in PMIS, this update process will enable an automatic update of employee salaries on the Department of Accounts payroll system (CIPPS).Another file, named INCREASE-12MO-agency-date.txt, will list those employees whose salary increases will not be processed automatically because the employees are indicated in PMIS as working less than 12 months (employee months worked A fourth file, named INCREASE-BYPASS-agency-date.txt, will list those employees not listed above who will not have salary increases processed on August 10, 2015 because the employees are indicated in PMIS as being on “Leave Without Pay” or having state-begin dates later than May 10, 2015 (“HIREDT”).Therefore, action is required if you wish to retain the positions having “Y” set in PMIS that you do not want abolished when the purge is run in October.

Any identified positions with flags currently set to “Y” will need to be changed to “N” to keep.

Please verify the employee data fields presented for review before transmitting the action.

When the data fields are correct, simply transmit where indicated.

This needs to be done before the purge is run in October.

Agencies can change the “Y” designation to “N” on PMIS using the position field change transaction (PSP160), for any positions that need to be retained for future use.

If needed, please use the Request Access tab also located in the panel on the left side of this webpage to obtain permission to use the File Upload Utility Workforce Planning tool.