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Facebook friending etiquette dating

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Unfortunately, my desire to practically inhale the new object of my affection, my fear of finding out he’s actually a neo-Nazi, and my upbringing in the privacy-deprived Soviet Union makes it virtually (no pun intended) impossible to resist combing through his entire profile to look for cracks.But if you, like Nerve's editor Kelly, who has never friended her boyfriend of two-and-a half-years, have the emotional equilibrium to avoid it, then all signs point to having a long and healthy life.

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I, for one, am shamelessly flirtatious in daily life and have no problem knowing that my boyfriend engages in the same harmless coquetry on a daily basis.Most people would prefer to live in the fantasy, anyway, and according to recent research, scientists agree that it’s best for lovers to leave Pandora’s Online Box alone.A study recently conducted by doctoral students Russell Clayton, Alexander Nagurney, and Jessica R.Firstly, his status indicated that he was already in a relationship with some pixie-haired brunette who lived in Arizona and didn’t even have the decency to look anything like me.More egregious than that was the sparsity of photos (which I find suspicious), his pretentious “About Me” statement (“An educated Cambridge grad with something to say”), and the numerous pictures showcasing him wearing socks with sandals that would have been in my summer future. Finally, three weeks in, I couldn’t resist opening myself up entirely to my new beloved and taking that next big step: friending him on Facebook.

Steeped as we were in 19th century romanticism, we chose to eschew modern technological advances, instead leaving each other little notes to make plans on our windowsills, and in mailboxes and books.

He studied Victorian English Literature; I studied Modernism.

It was with the unique thrill of new relationship glee that I refreshed the page to find his soul magically laid out for me, a thrill quickly replaced by the sinking feeling of relationship doom.

But I boil over with rage when I see that some girl named Brittany, whose profile pic is a half-naked selfie, write “Hey there stranger” on his wall WITH A WINKY FACE (winky faces are just going too far).

And nothing ruins dinner plans like spotting a nausea-inducing Facebook message in which your boyfriend compliments some girl in the gloriously objectifying way he only did when you first started dating.

The do's and don'ts of Facebook may be pretty basic, but they serve as a humble reminder that just because you're friends with someone online, it doesn't reflect the strength of the friendship, according to Bryant.