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Fauji speach

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But again Ban Ki-Moon and the "august gathering" did not come to hear the all out truth. Your courageous reply to anti human forces has made a history of peace and justice loving people all over the world.Your philosophical words that weakness, fear and hopelessness died. This morning all major TV channels in North America were showing the excellent speech Malala gave in UN.

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In the course of his speech he said: "Today for the first time in our long and chequered history we find the whole of this vast land from Kashmir in the north to Cape Comorin in the South, from Kathiawad and Cutch in the west Coconada and Kamrup in the east, brought together under the jurisdiction of one Constitution and one Union which takes over the responsibility for the welfare of more than 320 million men and women that inhabit it.Hope you will not become a pawn of political powers but a universal citizen who advocates peace and equal rights for girls world-wide. Holy quran clearly says that seek knowledge irrespective of gender.All the ills, infighting, culture of intolerance among muslims are because they are far less educated than other communities and their ladies are even more behind than men.Reading all the other Malala stories, there was a strong sense that people were stereotyping all Pakistanis, and all Pakistani men, by the Taliban.They conveniently forgot that millions of Pakistani girls are attending schools, and that She is one of the most globally recognised and much feted and positive face of Pakistan!There are countless women who are promoting education in Pakistan, but they don't promote via BBC, or any other foreign channels---There has never been an incident of violence by any, leave alone the Taliban's, on any of these women from Pakistan---What is so special about this Malala, that she has been honoured with peace prize, and nominated for Noble?

---Yes of course she needs to come back to Pakistan, or how else will she spread mischief about Taliban's sitting in Britain--- At age 11 Malala began writing, under a pseudonym, for the BBC.

Thousands of people had assembled and had occupied the streets, roofs, tree tops and all available vantage points along the route right from Government House to the Irwin Stadium. Dhillon, the President inspected the Parade and went round the main stands, later taking the Salute at the march past.

The President responded to the greetings of the people with folded hands. at Irwin Stadium where three thousand Officers and men of the three Armed Services of India and the Police with massed bands had taken positions for the Ceremonial Parade. Consisting of the units of the Navy, Infantry and Cavalry Regiments, Services Contingents, the Air Force, a Boys' units of the Punjab Regiment and the Police, the Parade combined colour with precision, which the appreciative crowd acknowledge with repeated cheers.

Millions of people participated in the celebrations on this historic occasion all over India and the proclamation of Indian Republic was read out in all the States of the Indian Union.

Indians overseas did not lag behind in expressing their enthusiasm on this memorable occasion; wherever in the world there was a group of Indians, they celebrated the occasion in a befitting manner.

Unforgettable scenes of enthusiasm and rejoicing marked the beginning of a new era in Indian History when the Republic of India was born with the swearing in of Dr. At the most solemn ceremony, held in the brilliantly lit and high domes of Durbar Hall at Government House, India was declared a Sovereign Democratic Republic exactly at eighteen minutes past ten on the morning of Thursday, January 26, 1950. The simple and yet grand ceremony of the Durbar Hall, the excitement of hundreds of thousands of people lining the five-mile route through which the President drove in state and the spectacularly colourful parade at Irwin Stadium, where the President hoisted the Union Flag and took the salute, will remain in the peoples' memory for long. Rajagopalachari, read out the proclamation of the Republic of "India, that is, Bharat".