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Here is just a small sampling of what's featured in our Volume 8 live show and DVD.

Stay at one of the Isle of Wight’s most luxurious hotels to be waited on hand and foot, or rent a cosy self-catering cottage for a week as a base for Isle of Wight walking adventures.Found on an obscure British softcore tape called "Vision X....This is a trailer we cut for a forgotten 1980s sex comedy we turned up on VHS.Released in 1987, this video was intended for lonely people with VCRs. In this exclusive bonus clip from the FFF Volume 5 DVD, we learn how to be a model from a variety of how-to videos found at thrift stores.Pop in the tape and, voila, your new friend, Sam, is in your living room. This two-part video series from 1989 was hosted by members of the U. National Video Game Team, who, if memory serves, brought home the gold for America in the 1988 Olympics. Featuring appearances by Denise Richards, Tiffani-Amber Thiessen and the heads...Most of the walks are free, although some walk leaders request a donation for their chosen charity.

Below you’ll discover a summary list of all the walks taking place.

The popular Isle of Wight Walking Festival returns from April 29 to May 14 as Isle Walk17, with a wide choice of themed walks.

It remains one of the UK’s biggest walking festivals, and allows participants to follow in the footsteps of everyone from Alfred Lord Tennyson to Jimi Hendrix; on the trail of everything from dinosaurs to the perfect dawn chorus; and heading everywhere from Queen Victoria’s Osborne House, to a non-stop walk around the entire 72-miles coastal path in 24 hours.

This festival used to be held in the town center but has long outgrown that space.

Two large exhibition tents now house the displays and samples from dozens of date producing regions and countries.

Erfoud is a carnival scene during this 3-day event.