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Flagstaff dating horney

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With the pacemaker vulnerable to any and all wireless waves, the hacker ends up dead when his neighbor stops playing the game, sending the man into cardiac arrest.A heartless prison warden who just banned all forms of communication with the outside world to all the female convicts confiscates a box of cupcakes meant for one of the inmates.

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After he strips naked and lubes himself up, he squeezes into the swing, but gets stuck and his friends decide to leave him in the swing for the night.A group of hipster filmmakers are out one day recording themselves on a high-speed camera in the hopes of creating popular viral videos, when one gets the idea to film things being dropped from 80 ft. With the cameraman on the ground, they drop a bowling ball, which shatters, sending a large shard in through the eye of the cameraman.The shard severs his medulla oblongata and he dies of organ failure.From this episode on, deaths are redisplayed in the 2-2-2-1 format with commercial breaks, and the informational segments during commercials were removed.Title reference: A spoof of the popular 1973 film Enter the Dragon that ties in a ferret-related event in this episode (See "Way to Die #780).The man screams for help, but no one comes to his aid.

Due to how extremely tight the baby swing is around his waist, the man later dies from sepsis due to a ruptured appendix.

The workers get their revenge on him by making a gold grill lined with rosary peas, which poison the owner when he begins wearing it.

A professional wannabe golfer who now plays mini golf enters a tournament against a kindly old woman whom the crowd adores.

A computer hacker hacks into his own pacemaker to manually control his own heartbeat.

His kid gamer neighbor is using a wireless video game controller.

In his paranoia, he shoots an arrow at a self-portrait on the wall.