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Flirt with sluts

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2: What the fuck, she's flirting with me as well. Get away now, you don't want to stay around her.

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Our sex life was fantastic and would be even more so on the occasions she went into slut flirt overdrive.A six inch spiked heeled shoe with a pointed toe and a very thin leather ankle strap. Her make-up was over the top slutty and her hair was teased, giving a just fucked, just out of bed look. Smiling I drank in the outrageously sexy vision before me. I stared at her pendulous breast encased in the shiny wet look low cut top, holding her wonderful breast like a second black shiny skin.Instinctively I placed my hand on her gossamer covered breast and began to play with her hard fleshy nipple. Colleen twirled around showing me how tight the leather skirt was clinging to the magnificent orbs of her perfect ass. The under-bust corset cinched her waist in even smaller than normal accentuating her curvaceous hips and huge breasts.Colleen looked me directly in the eye and softly breathed."Do you think the guys would want to fuck me when they see this?She is the love of my life and every inch the trophy wife.

Colleen has always flirted with guys but it always seemed harmless and sometimes I would end up giggling at her antics teasing poor guys with her provocative dancing and at times her deliberate use of innuendos.

Over that she was wearing a very tight undercuts corset which made her waist and large breasts look amazing.

She had decided a bra was not an option and her hard nipples were visible through the tight black top.

My wife Colleen has always been the friendly flirtatious type and she has the face and figure to drive men wild, which I always assumed was her objective when she was teasing and flirting with guys.

She has always dressed immaculately but somewhat conservative except when we would be going in to town dancing or heading to a party somewhere.

Our sex life flourished during these occasions and we would sometimes talk of taking things further, but I always assumed it was just pillow talk.