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Emanuel Jones said he would introduce legislation to block district attorneys from handing over photographic images in sex cases."'I'm going to call it the David Mc Dade Act,' Jones said.

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After the trial ended, the District Attorney's office received numerous open record requests for the videotape.During a private New Year's Eve party that Wilson attended in a hotel room in 2003, when Wilson was 17 years old, multiple sex acts took place.Wilson engaged in oral sex with a 15-year-old girl, and the girl stated consistently that the act was consensual.Baker maintains the judge did not have the authority to overturn the conviction and says there is a plea bargain offer on the table.According to Baker, the plea deal could allow Wilson to be eligible for First Offender Treatment, which would mean that he would not have a criminal record nor would he be subject to registering on the sex offender registry once his sentence had been completed. Bernstein, would not accept the proposed deal because it would require her client to plead guilty to a felony with a fifteen-year sentence, forcing him to register as a sexual offender for up to fifteen years.The governor does not have pardon power in Georgia, but the prosecutor has the power to set aside the verdict.

The prosecutor Eddie Barker, apparently waiting for an admission of guilt, has said "the one person who can change things at this point is Genarlow.

claiming that disclosure of the video tape would invade individual privacy, we can find no reason why disclosure of the video tape is not required under ...

the Open Records Act." Ignoring the fact that it was the Legislature that wrote the Open Records Law (and which caused the initial controversy by refusing to apply the "Romeo and Juliet" clause retroactively), Georgia State Sen.

David Mc Dade inquired of the Prosecuting Attorneys' Council of Georgia whether the videotape had to be released under the Open Records Act.

The Council concluded that "if no one has filed for a protection order ...

Under this law, Wilson and his defense team are prohibited from having a copy of the videotape that prosecutor Mc Dade has distributed to anyone else who has requested it.