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Tuition, room and board will be free your last two semesters.* That means you won’t have to pay for your classes (up to 17 credit hours), your residence hall room, or meals. Hi, my name’s Rachael, and I’m here to answer your questions about PCC, including any you have about the Fourth-Year-Free* program. To talk to me and the other enrollment advisors, call 1-800-PCC-INFO *Tuition, room & board only (room & board may be taxable).

The Site Map provides a listing of the pages located under each navigation bar listing.Ashmore Auditorium This panel is about topics related to Tim O’Brien’s book, The Things They Carried, which, which is the featured book for PSC’s Vietnam War Memory Project.In this work of fiction, O’Brien portrays the sacrifices and horror of war, the camaraderie of soldiers in combat, and the alienation many of the soldiers felt when they returned home.Regional Agritourism Summits 2017 Agritourism operators, tourism professionals, county, city and state staff and officials, community organizations, agricultural organizations, tour organizers and all others who are connected to California agritourism are invited to join the conversations.Summits will be held in Davis, Petaluma, Modesto and Riverside.Manipulating pieces of glass to bend and form into shapes can really feed the creative juices. The technical terms can be overwhelming and confusing.

Do you want to learn all the techniques of warm glass? I wanted to create a site where I could share what I have learned and assist others in understanding the various processes.

PCC does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, or national origin.

PCC reserves the right to change tuition, room and board, and other fees as deemed necessary by the administration, including any necessary changes to the Fourth-Year-Free program.

Each summit will be a participatory, all-day session with lunch provided.

Participants are invited to bring marketing and organizational information to display and share.

This is the from-behind-the-scenes story about how this triumph was accomplished. From smallest to largest, the instruments played are the soprano guitar, alto guitar, prime or standard guitar, bass guitar, and contrabass guitar.