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Abstract Cam-follower mechanisms are extremely important in modern equipment, widely used in automotive engines and machinery that requires complex motion with repeatability and reliability.

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Based on the information of the best fit geometry, distortions and misalignments are assessed.For the present study, a 4-cylinder turbocharged GDI engine which was modified to a D-EGR configuration was used to investigate the impact of valve phasing and different injection strategies on the reformate production in the dedicated cylinder.Various levels of positive valve overlap were used in conjunction with different approaches for dedicated cylinder over fueling using PFI and DI fuel systems.Check out huge boobs, tight bikini sluts and cum to funny online parody games.If you need help playing games check this valuable guide.Some well-known functions applied to cam-follower pairs are cycloidal, harmonic and polynomial, however the application of classical sixth order spline is an interesting alternative to this type of study.

The kinetic study has gained more importance in recent years due to increase of machinery’s speed.

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In this paper a kinematic model was developed over the cam discrete data, building a piecewise cam curve known as Spline, from the continuous curve is possible to predict the valve train kinematic characteristics, evaluating the values of displacement, velocity and acceleration of all valve train components.

Based on the kinematic model results, the values of displacement imposed by the cam rotation are applied as input data to the dynamic model, that from a multiple mass system considering stiffness and damping of the components allows to know the valve train vibration behavior calculating the loads, stresses and losses of contact.

The objective of this analysis is the dynamic study, which is divided into kinematic and kinetics for both flat faced and offset roller follower in translating motion.