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Fuk miteng

I want everyone to know this, though: if you are ever sexually assaulted by an animal, do not be afraid to share your story. While it may be hard to verbalize your trauma, you have to know that it wasn’t your fault. You should also know that by telling of your assault, you are helping others who are not brave enough to do the same.Your account may even help catch a repeat offender.

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However, this turtle showed no aversion to the presence of people on his reef.He slowly approached Bowen, staying about six feet off to the side as he passed by.But once behind the confused diver, the turtle suddenly turned around and aimed himself at Bowen’s backside.No one should have to feel ashamed by what a wild animal has done to them. And for those of you who think sexual assault by a turtle or a kakapo is funny: shame on you.Those are real people who have undergone real trauma. Someday, if karma exists, you may find yourself on the wrong end of an animal’s long stick – and I bet you won’t find it quite so amusing then.Another male diver, who wished to remain anonymous, told Epstein a turtle attacked him twice, pinning him to the bottom.

According to Epstein, the turtle eventually “made good its mating attack on this luckless individual.” These cases serve as a warning to all that animal sexual assaults are serious and dangerous.

I felt I was free of the encounter, but then the turtle, with renewed interest, grasped me again with its front flippers from the back and around my shoulders. All the while the stupid turtle probed me in my backside.

Being a strong swimmer and determined not to be molested any further by this deluded loggerhead, I twisted out of its grasp and made for the surface and my boat.

It’s likely that the frequency of such incidents is even higher, as the social stigma of being the victim of such events is so strong that many attacks likely go unreported. Evolutionarily speaking, there’s no real point in it.

Upon publishing his article, Epstein received at least 10 calls from other victims who had not spoken up previously. Sexing up a member of another species isn’t going to produce offspring.

Sexual assault is no laughing matter – unless, of course, the would-be rapist isn’t human.