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Gay desi dating

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Still their cameras where pointed at me and they were trying to make me feel as if I have done something really wrong.They, without my permission inspected both my bedrooms, restrooms and kitchen to finally go to my balcony and pull that date guy (Shyam) by his shirt sleeve.

So I was feeling complete helpless and given to this situation and to these guys.Finally at pm he (Shyam) reached my door, after multiple phone calls to guide him with directions to my place.He seemed to be a bit unsettled and said he is from a small town and is new to all I have not done any crime which I should be shying away from.So I allowed all these 3 guys to come inside and locked the door myself.And as a response to that I thought I should close the house door at once on their face…

but then the next very second I realized I don’t want to come across as someone shying away from the media cameras if this footage is ever gonna be telecasted any where…

I could also imagine how much what really happened will be twisted, which will show me or any other gay guys as social sexual leeches who live undercover life.

So I immediately to my defense asked them for their id card and warned them of calling the police.

But finally last Wednesday I was taking a day off after an amazing party and my work, when I again received a request to share my number for a fun date from him, the same afternoon.

Without thinking much I invited him over at 4pm to my place in North Bangalore.

Last couple of weeks my gay profile on a popular gay dating site was followed up by this one guy, and I received numerous request for friendship and dating from him.