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Gay jewish dating

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This reporter answered that our shtick was “whiskey” and that “being any part Jewish at all” would be the thing that could impress our mom.

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Creator Luba Tolkachyov told the New York Post: ‘You can walk into a coffee shop and you can find out who’s Jewish and single around you’. Oh, and by the way, don’t worry bubaleh, it’s a free app. You are currently viewing a list of Jewish singles that are members of Ok Cupid’s free online dating site.Join Ok Cupid and find more Jewish singles that you didn’t even know existed.Why do some relationships last decades while others fizzle out after a few months?At Compatible Partners, we’ve spent many years studying people in relationships and identifying the factors that make two people truly....compatible.We downloaded the app yesterday and spent a day flirting around.

The app is pretty buggy, often saying that it couldn’t find our location or that users were not available (to be fair, yesterday was launch day).

The app doesn’t expressly promise that it will get you hitched, but we’ve decided to include that as a factor since it’s the endgame for all Jewish singles–or so their yentas hope. Post a picture of yourself and choose a username and you’re ready to go.

The app also asks you to answer three things: “What’s your shtick? ,” and to pick a position on a sliding scale of how Jewish you really are.

Most users skipped answering the only two real questions, so the only viewable details on most profiles are a username, a picture, and how Jewish they are.

Not sure that looking at a gallery of punams is the best way to find a guy to bring under the chupah.

Luckily there’s now Yenta, a location based dating app for young Jewish singles, straight or gay.