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Gbr kontol besar main puki muda

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According to Pak Uyuh, if someone attacks you, give him the best "answer"-the best technique that will prevent him from attacking again.My father had a strong character and knew much about the traditional cultural beliefs of West Java.

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He began to study pencak silat from Pak Uyuh in 1960.Together they taught their combined system, which Pak Uyuh named "Mande Muda", to their family and friends.The word "Mande" comes from "Cimande" which Pak Uyuh believed to be the original silat system of West Java. Mande Muda is likened to a young child always growing and looking for new silat material.They help one another in the village, sharing their knowledge with their family and neighbors.After a long life as the matriarch of the Mande Muda family, Ibu Mimi Suwanda died January 14, 2013, at the age of 100.Foto Tante Girang Bugil Pengen Ngentot Hot– Berikut ini adalah foto tante girang yang sangat bikin kamu jadi penasaran, kali ini tante girang tersebut ngangkang dan nungging pamerkan toket montok dan memek mentul dan ingin dientot dengan gaya nungging...

Foto Sekretaris Nakal Bugil Diatas Meja Pamer Memek– Berikut ini adalah foto sekretaris binal yang dimana lagi asik pamerin memek doer yang sangat mulus, dan kelihatan masih merah.

When the leader of the family system dies, then another must take his place.

Pak Uyuh died in 1989, and Mande Muda is still alive because of the spirit and principles that he gave us. She had to be a strong woman to keep our family together, dealing with everyday life in Indonesia, and taking care of 14 children. Her father and many of her uncles were freedom fighters against the colonization, before independence, and were from the Cimande family.

Even if you were to ask them if they knew pencak silat, they would deny any knowledge of Cimande, or pencak silat in general.

Being humble is a big part of being in good standing with the community and being a respectful person in pencak silat.

As you know, pencak silat was traditionally oriented around the family and was only taught to family members and close friends.