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Gelila bekele tyler perry still dating

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News during the New York City premiere of "Gone Girl." "Yes, yes and we're very excited about it, very excited," Perry said about the pregnancy. Rumors of Perry's impending fatherhood started circling earlier in the month at his 45 birthday party in Los Angeles when he alluded to the baby news during a speech.News broke last week that the Hollywood director and his girlfriend were expecting their first child together. "He said he had to start getting used to not getting a lot of sleep, because he life was about to change in a big way," a guest at the party said at the time.

Those closest to Perry seem to believe the prolific writer, actor, and filmmaker has no interest in becoming a husband: Perry's bleak views on marriage were evident in his 2013 film , in which a wife steps out on her husband with disastrous consequences for all involved.The 45-year-old father-to-be accidentally let it slip during an interview with "Extra" that his girlfriend, model Gelila Bekele, was pregnant with a boy.When asked what kind of father he was going to be, Perry responded: "The greatest gift I'm being given right now is the opportunity to give the little boy in me everything I never had, so that's what I'm excited about.Loving every moment of it,” Tyler said of raising Aman. And I know there are no pictures of him, but that’s not something we do. “I love waking up in the morning, him come running to me. We’re not the kind of parents — my son’s not famous. “I have my aunts I take care of and sisters and brothers, but you’ve got to be working. Some guys, they want to have conversations and really get to know each other.

Let's break out the blue, because Tyler Perry and his girlfriend are expecting a baby boy!

We’re trying very hard to keep him protected so that he can know who he is before he gets into the crazy bull crap of this social media world.”Perry’s response is in the same vein of Halle Berry’s response to people on Instagram asking if she is ashamed of her children because she doesn’t show their faces. The writer, director, producer and actor also stated that he wants to raise Aman to be independent. While he is worth around $400 million, the 47-year-old said he’s not giving handouts to anyone in his life.“I say no a lot, man.

As she put it, “It’s my belief, and I’m not criticizing others who have different beliefs, that it’s my job as their mother to protect their privacy as best I can.

The picture itself is not all that telling, it’s the comments underneath it that paint a clearer picture about what may be going on here. But not before someone was able to grab a screen shot. I don’t know if pietromourao was referencing his friend, the commenter, or the sex of Gelila’s baby when he wrote “baby boy!!

” but if I had to guess, he’s probably talking about that seven-month-old fetus.

Many were surprised to learn that the deeply religious Perry may soon have a child out of wedlock, but comments he made in an interview last year may shed some light in his views on family life: "I'm not so sure, with this kind of work ethic, what kind of husband I will be," Perry said.