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Google spreadsheet formula not updating

Considering the script runs every hour of the day which totals 24 times, a few times a week is nothing to be concerned about.

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Edit: Just to be clear, I currently have one workbook with data entered by an external application in it (call it the "source sheet"), and another workbook with an function in the "referencing sheet" does not include any data entered by the external application since I last personally edited the "source sheet".This isn't particularly helpful so we've written a script that you can adapt to update the market data every minute, even when the Google Sheet is closed.Now that you've written the script and set the trigger running, you'll be able to see the data on your Google Sheet refresh every hour.because I am using the function given as the solution to that question to import data from a spreadsheet.The problem is not how to import the data, but rather how to update the source for the data.If you're interested in finance and economic data, you might find Quandl very useful.

This website has a wide range of public (and private) data from a variety of sources available as hosted csv files i.e.

This function doesn't update on its own by default so we've written a script that you can adapt to ensure your data is kept up to date.

Our Google's stock price example show the basics of using this function and don't use this script.

I have tried any scripts, although I have tried using the Now() function and concatenate() functions in order to amend the data pulled in by importrange() - which did not fix the problem.

The second sheet is a bit complex and takes time to load.

How can I get Google Sheets to auto-update a reference to another sheet?