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Gucci crew dating game

Producers were eventually able to convince them to resume shooting.

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The two rappers have made up, but there was more fallout from that incident that we are just learning about.I recently met up with Benjamin (two Minneapolis and Chicago transplants respectively) to discuss their roots, family, and a stolen ice cream cart.One of the last times I saw you both was at Ben (Pirani’s) wedding celebration.The DJ played Gucci Crew’s “Dating Game” and Brian Jackson was present.You and Ben both coincidentally got married as the Benjamin album was being finished.Even rarer than that Object Beings 7", surprisingly, is the self-titled CD album it's off of.

It came out shortly after the vinyl in 2001 and was limited to only 200 copies (mine's #147), and was mainly just available through Anticon-friendly online stores like Atak.

He sings about universal love, despite his wish to tire-iron the guy who dropped his hard-drive and lost the original version of the track: Benjamin’s “N- e-e-d Love.” According to this video, things have turned out for the best.

Ben Carey who produced the song, hops in with Chris Barrett (aka Classy Young Old Chris).

At the end of the video, the Buick’s trunk is jimmied opened with a screw driver, releasing red balloons into the sky, which if everything must be something else, could be mistaken for airborne cherries, drupes in space. Benjamin’s LP evokes this afteroon gloam with dropped windows, its album cover a road-trip burst of color rendered by a Vietnam vet named Ronnie Joe.

The second full-length release on the Ridgewood, Queens-based Cherries label, is a mix of modern soul, classy stepper’s outings, and boogie—with all instruments played and programmed by Carey and Pirani.

They drive around collecting friends old and new, many of whom attended both Pirani and Carey’s weddings.