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Heavy metal online dating

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As a fan of metal i just had to speak out on this,good luck. For some people, bands like Motley Crue, Dokken, Poison, Twisted Sister and all those make up bands were posers and not real metal.

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Now listen this is all that i need to know,if you dont think Black Sabbath are the best metal band that has or will ever walk this planet then you are SERIOUSLY not a meta fan at all.I was heavily into it in fact, right now I am listening to Y&T's "keep on running"I personally do not know what is going on now as music has taken such a nosedive in terms of quality and musicality.It is like the only thing you can hear is dance crap and a bunch of morons just rapping nonsense.I wont listen to Glam or most nu metal for instance. There are so many subgenre of rap it aint even funny.But most of us metal guys cant even stomach rap or at least most genre of for me I love Celtic Frost, Type O Negative, Kyuss, Queens of the Stone age, High on Fire, SUNN O))), EARTH, o M, Sleep, The Sword, Pentagram, Morbid Angel, SKITZO, Hell69, and Black Sabath for metal For punk I like ramones, Black Flag, the misfits, TSOL, Dr.I am more into the CLassic Rock, Seventies and some of the 80's metal like Maiden and Metallica.

But I listen to so many types of music it is hard to pinpoint my real taste.

Hey bud i gotta tell ya your not a metal fan and you shouldnt use that term with bands like poison or skid row.

Real metal bands are Pantera, Black Sabbath, Slayer, Megadeth, Saint Vitus, COC , Mastodon, Lamb of god etc.

Heres good metal Black Metal: Death Metal(extreme,grind, gore) Thrash: Burzum Necrophagist Anthrax Nokturnal Mortum Vital Remains Sodom Dark Throne Deicide Destruction Elctrikchair Death Nuclear Assualt Dimmu Borgir Nile Whiplash Graveland Dying Fetus Hallows Eve Abruptum Cryptopsy Metal Church Gorgoroth Goreguts MODPower Metal: Theres more Stratovarius Rhapsody(of fire)Freedom Call Helloween Dragonland Dragonforce Nocturnal rites Epica Echos of eternity Kamelot It would be really funny if you knew what you were talking about!

Death metal is a term that was used long ago and most of it is really gay. Bottom line is there are only a handful of really good metal bands out there and none are what you call black or death metal at all.

By the way celtic frost monotheist is probably the heaviest album ive heard in over ten years !