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Hotsxxe horse wine

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Whimsical, custom-painted wine glasses, featuring your favorite four-hoofed friends. Sure to bring a smile to your face and envy from your friends. Interested in one of my pieces or having me create a customized piece just for you? Be a hit at the next barn party, horse show, or the wine o' clock with your fellow horse lovers with an original The Horse's Glass in your hand. Marci V All artwork is copyrighted by The Horse's Glass and protected under U.

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These unique four-legged beasts reminded the travelers of horses; and since these beasts spent most of the day residing in rivers, they saw fit to name them hippopotamus.Watching the video made me really wet & I watched it two more times.My husband turned to me & said “Gee, I’d love to see you get fucked by a horse.” To which I looked at him in surprise and my face turned red, because I knew he could tell from my expression that I was interested in the thought.We had a lovely meal and a few too many glasses of wine later, the conversation was beginnintg to get a little flirty & carried away between the three of us.Our friend “John” pulled out his mobile phone & showed us a video of a very pretty woman having sex with a pony.He said they use him as a tease pony to see if the mares are in estrus, so he would be keen to get into me as he never really gets to have any fun. But the thought of it was turning me on & making me really wet, I was also excited that I would finally get to fullfill one of my most secret fantasies.

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So here we were in the middle of the stables, with a small & I do have to say very cute looking little black pony.

My husband went and sat on a crate at the side of the room and john held Marco steady for me.

John turned round & asked me if I would like to try it & I decided to be game for once & speak up & admitted that I had always had an interest, but never considered acutally doing it.