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But she told Fox in an email Monday evening that she's transitioning to being "pretty disturbed" by the note.

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února 1998 - čeští hokejisté vybojovali zlato na olympiádě v japonském Naganu.Instead she shared pic after pic of herself in images typical of so many young, female-selfie-addicts (think the Kardashians).As the article says: “In some of them she posed in lingerie on rumpled bed sheets in boutique hotel rooms.Česká osmašedesátka od té doby prošla osmi kluby a stala se hrající legendou.Pětačtyřicetiletý veterán za tu dobu dosáhl spousty úspěchů a vydělal si obrovské množství peněz. Hokejisté Pardubic prožili bídnou sezonu, kterou „korunovali“ posledním místem v tabulce.Teď hrají play-out a pomalu se už chystají na baráž.

An alert Transportation Security Administration screener at New Jersey’s Newark Airport apparently spotted a "sex toy” stuffed inside a passenger’s luggage Saturday and offered the traveler some encouragement.

Greg Soule, a TSA spokesman, said Filipovic has not filed a complaint about the incident, but the TSA “takes all allegations of inappropriate conduct seriously and is investigating this claim." Filipovic said she is not looking to get anyone fired over the incident, but she received a lot of feedback from others with other stories of public humiliation at the hands of TSA.

She said she hopes the TSA addresses the larger issue, not just this one case.

It has now been officially retired, since I have no idea if the TSA agents manhandled it.” She discovered the note on Sunday after she landed in Dublin, she said.

She wrote on her blog, Feministe, that the message was “wildly inappropriate” but she “died laughing” about it in her hotel room.

We don’t speak in words, paint, or photo paper as we used to. and we speak through the medium of a digital cloud using digital pictures, videos and memes.