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The project is more about how to build the optical system for this HMD. I had a physical question in mind, maybe you know more about that. I mean, is its primary goal is to match the image to suit acrylic glass rectangle, or its primary goal to focus the image to infinity (so your eye sees the image without need to refocus on acrylic glass)? Have an interchangable display tinted and the other clear like you have. And when way to bright and seeing with both eyes not needed could use a mirrored display either clip on or replaceable.

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is a great source for small lenses of all types and small front-surface mirrors.Whilst experienced enough in writing artciels, I was at first unaware of the finer details of the ‘Internet of Things’ (Io T), even if I was still confident I had a relatively good grasp of the concept.Read More Original article published on Hub of All Things.It's then reflected over the mirror, goes through the lens and you can see the picture in the little transparent acrylic glass. The details are coming now :)You're right, It's based on the peppers ghost effect. Yes it would be only an incrementally small amount, but you have focus adjustment never the less.You could also add a secondary lens between the mirror and the OLED display to change focus.In the logs you can see from the first tests to what I have now. I tried making a gun sight using the same concept with a fresnel but it was bad since the ridges would cause glares and often blur up the dot (in my case) and the oled (in your case).

The optical design was the most difficult part, but I think I found a solution for this. And now I have a Head-Up Display For Hight Voltage The received Bluetooth data is displayed, on the OLED display. I think what lots of peeps are missing about focus is, you can simply slide the whole device back or forward a bit on the glasses arm to adjust the focus.

Argued for free trade, market competition and the morality of private enterprise.

Between studies, whilst temping at Enable Software (Enable i D’s parent company), I was tasked with writing this blog article.

Video of the working device Trying to build a cheap Arduino Data Glasses for everybody. From the first idea to the working prototype, it took 4 Month The challenge was, that It should be constructed out of common materials that can be found easily. Daniel It seems to me this is a HUD device: And the following HUD patent is expired:https:// am building one. One of two ways to solve this and keep it see through.

It's working, and now it can even help to avoid accidents. Ed You mention to make it so can see when is bright out.

For the front "eye-reflector" try a piece of slide or slide slip-cover glass (for the latter, it will be very delicate - a frame for either might be in order).