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The first year after the loss is usually the most challenging.This is when these triggers are being experienced for the first time; the first birthday without the loved one, the first annual vacation, the first holiday, and especially the first anniversary of the death.

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ASAP works with and supports area rescue groups to help find permanent placements for former street cats.Below is a review of what was covered at the workshop. While grief has particular hallmarks and things that most people will experience, each of us it will express our grief uniquely.Grief is a normal, natural human response to a loss. It is unreasonable to expect your grief to match others around you but the differences are sometimes difficult to manage internally and interpersonally.The planned closing of Lorton Prison is resulting in cats being left to roam the facility begging for handouts.They wonder what became of their inmate-friend who was relocated to a federal facility (where companion animals are not allowed).They decorate rooms and fill them with tiny furniture to create a space that is welcoming and comforting to the newest little addition to thei When those dreams are cut short by miscarriage, stillbirth or infant loss, mothers need space to acknowledge their child’s brief but significant life.

They need room to grieve their unbearable loss and they deserve support around an experience that no mother should ever have to go through.

We will remember those who have left us and possibly even create new traditions. Workshop Fee: $35 Date: December 3, 2016 Time: - Location: 155 N.

Michigan Ave., Suite 510 To register, please contact Sarah Netzky, MA, LPC at [email protected] Even before a child is born, mothers have hopes, dreams and fantasies of who their children will be and what being a parent to that child might be like. They fill their homes with baby clothes, toys, books and supplies.

Although the feelings and emotions can be hard to tolerate, they are normal and will ease as time goes on.

This was a main question among the workshop participants and one that often comes up in the grieving process.

One great way to help is to pick up a 20-lb bag of cat food (factory sealed, please). The cats are looking great and I really struggle sometimes in taking care of them, but I manage to get the job completed.