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Iris kaingu 2017 blesser

Kaingu who is MMD Mwandi member of parliament, later told a Parliamentary legal affairs committee that he was more concerned that the boy who featured in the pornographic video with his daughter had not been condemned.

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“This girl is possessed like her father who calls other ladies in Parliament prostitutes. Kelvin commented: “Iris Kaingu’s pictures are tempting, awe mwandi you are possessed.” Another follower, King Solomon wrote: “Ooop! Putting-out someone else’s shine/light doesn’t make yours shine any brighter!! FORMER higher education minister Michael Kaingu’s daughter, Iris, on Friday sparked fury on Facebook after she commented on her father’s loss of Mwandi constituency parliamentary seat.Magistrate Mwiinga further stated that it was established that the duo where aware of the laptop webcam recording the entire scene.But this week Iris stated that women need to realise that there is no need for them to kill each when they have a clash over a man.She says: I have gotten to know now that some women will kill each other over a man and he will move on, step right over them like a puddle of mucky water and not even look back.

He will see their death as a passport to getting a brand new girl.1. In my opinion the very men that talk about revealing outfits are the very ones that love to see us in them!

Unlike in 2012 when Lusaka Province police commissioner Charity Katanga ordered her arrest for appearing in a sex video, Iris has this time managed to excite her tweeter followers and many other social media users with her voluptuous body, but without breaking any laws.

Iris was condemned when, together with her college boyfriend Teddy Malekani, she produced a sex video which was leaked and led to her expulsion from the Zambia Centre for Accountancy Studies (ZCAS).

says she has come to know that women can kill each over a man.

Iris was on October 23, 2012 convicted by the Lusaka Magistrate Court on one count of making obscene material likely to corrupt morals.

Your ministry seems to be very silent on the boy.” Last week, as if to punctuate the debate centered on her father who called Namwala UPND member of parliament Moono Lubezhi a prostitute at the National Assembly building, Iris tweeted her alluring voluptuous figure, exposing her steamy curves and well proportioned cleavage from her Dubai holiday.