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Is gerard butler dating anyone

Just watched the interview on Howard TV and GB spent the entire 90 minutes with one foot up on the couch, rocking it side to side and maintaining a semi! I'm surprised anyone is still talking about him in a sexual context. Fuck all y'all, if you'd seen the entire interview, the bulge was moving around and nearly always visible.

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I know he's had the same manager for years, and the guy is an out gay man who's partner at one time was an architect.I also know that he was raised Catholic by his mother and they're very close. So if you want to know why he's enjoying a lot of success you can thank Mel for opening a few doors before Marvelous Mel had his first meltdown. ") I think as fellow addicts/drunks they give each other moral support.His dad left the family when he was young but he allegedly made peace with him before the old guy died. I also think they both have the same disregard of women. R17, yes he does uncross at one point in that short clip.I'm sure he has had sex with women but I think he's a not - so - closeted homo that why he sounds and acts like a 14 y/o boy most of the is dating Gerard Butler's ex-girlfriend, Madalina Ghenea.

The Hollywood hunk has been spending time in Romania, where he is filming his next movie, and spent New Year's with the brunette stunner in her native country.

But by the time he did "300" he began looking haggard and now he looks absolutely tainted. I am told he hires "models" to hang around with him at foreign film festivals, and they're mostly Russians who don't speak a lot of English. Howard's cameras are stationary and unobtrusively placed so he may have forgotten that the radio interview was also being filmed. There has NEVER been any substantiated reports of Gerard dating a woman.

Of course, you can hardly understand him when he talks, so it hardly matters. The extent of his relationships are the occasional, brief and vague media mentions of him being at some event and "chatting up" a B list model. All that hyper masculinity and heterosexuality screams of desperation.

Meanwhile, Ghenea most recently was seen with Butler on a vacation in Rome over the summer.

The two were spotted taking cute photos of one another throughout the city's tourist attractions at night.

, split when things started to get too serious for the 46-year-old Scot.