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Iu bloomington dating

"The people that you associate with in a sense have already been vetted," Carducci said."They have the same interests and values that you have, or they wouldn't be your friend." Carducci encourages people to work the room, but as social facilitators, not job seekers.

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Face-to-face encounters take more time and effort but can be more revealing and often rely on a "much deeper" filtering system -- the people you choose to surround yourself with socially or through work, religious or service activities.The research subjects completed questionnaires, several days before the speed-dating sessions, that asked what they were looking for in a potential date.Both men and women, Todd said, claimed to be interesting in getting to know people who had the same interests and values as themselves — the "likes-attract" model of attraction."I think that's why you see the difference between what people choose and what they tell you they're looking for," Todd said.Men were likely to want to match up with physically attractive women, even if they didn't regard themselves as particularly good-looking or desirable.Dance or talk with a wide range of people, he said. These efforts make the facilitators appear more attractive and approachable. The best way is knowing someone who knows someone; it's the same with finding a soul mate," Carducci said.

Men look for physical attractiveness when they choose a mate.

Coauthors are from universities in Germany, England and Scotland.

The study also found that women are more picky than men — and more adept at leveraging their own attractiveness to choose the mates they're likely to get.

"The very attractive women," Todd said, "set their sights on men who have a high combination of those traits" that they're drawn to.

The study looked at 46 people in Munich, Germany, who participated in speed dating.

Instant chemistry is possible, but it's not probable.