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Konuma later commented about Naomi Tani's role in this matter, "while we worked on the final script, she was very argumentative. I admire her professionalism." After the film became a huge hit for Nikkatsu, the studio wanted to follow it with a sequel.Since the late 1960s, Naomi Tani had been known as the "Queen of Pink," the most popular actress in the low-budget, independent "pink films" which dominated Japan's domestic cinematic market.Nikkatsu had been trying to recruit Tani into their Roman Porno series for years, but she had always refused since the studio had been reluctant to enter the S&M genre, which was Tani's specialty.He rapes Shizuko while his mother listens outside his room.Makoto reports his progress to Senzô regularly, providing tapes and even physical evidence of his wife's continued training.Together with the later Wife to be Sacrificed (also directed by Konuma in 1974, and starring the same female and male leads) this film is credited with starting the S&M Roman Porno series which helped save Nikkatsu from collapse during the 1970s.

In a very successful effort to avoid bankruptcy, Nikkatsu, Japan's oldest major film studio, had entered the pink film, or soft-core pornography, genre three years earlier, in 1971, with its popular and critically praised Roman Porno series.

At home, Shizuko awakes to find herself tied up and calls for help, attracting the attention of Miyo.

Rather than helping the woman, Miyo seems pleased at her son's actions, and encourages him to rape Shizuko.

Senzô Tôyama (Nagatoshi Sakamoto) is the elderly owner of the company Makoto works for, and also has an interest in BDSM.

However, his new wife Shizuko (Naomi Tani) refuses to let Senzô tie her up or even watch her bathe; instead he vents his frustrations and needs on their housemaid Haru (Hijiri Abe), forcing her to indulge in his need for S&M.

When he says he can't because she is too beautiful, Miyo suggests Makoto give Shizuko an enema to overcome that impression.