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Jolene van vugt dating pastrana

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Travis: At first, I was thinking, "It would be tough if it was a boy. Lyn-Z: I hope it will change Travis in that he will think about the stunts he does.

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Jolene continues to sacrifice many things to travel the world and make a living riding her dirt bike.I think all the boys in Maryland are thinking, "Great. Lyn-Z: It's going to be hard for our kid to skate or ride a dirt bike without expectations. How has the thought of possibly raising a kid just like yourself changed how you think about your own parents? There are definitely things I will probably take off the list of things I will be doing.There goes all our fun." What do you think it will be like to raise a girl versus a boy? I got to experience that first hand, skating with Riley Hawk. No matter how good he was, he was never good enough. But racing and going for the win and not being afraid to crash, that's not one of them.But for his daughter not to know such an inspirational guy is sad. You can't quit living and being the person you are. At the age of 35 Jolene Van Vugt has established herself as one of the most accomplished female athletes in action sports today.Recently, he’s taken his show on the road with the non-stop, no hold barred tour that is Nitro Circus Live. Think more along the lines of over 40 riders in skate, BMX, freestyle motorcross, roller blades, and more performing stunts that defy the law of physics and make for an amazing live experience.

While bringing the tour to Madison Square Garden for the first time, we chopped it up with Pastrana and got him to reveal the next record-breaking stunt he plans to land, what it’s like to finally bring the show to the states, and that one stunt he strongly recommends we don’t try at home.

" Everyone says it'll be different with your kid, but babies start crying before they get into his hands. Then again, I always said I wanted my middle name to be Safety. " Mat Hoffman's son's iddle name is Danger, but Lyn-Z won't go for that. " We liked Henry Cooper, for Doug Henry and Guy Cooper, two of mine.

What are some things on that "definitely/probably" list?

Travis: Anything where I'm thinking, "I wonder if this is going to work." If that is the thought process and the consequence is paralysis or death, then no.

Shane Mc Conkey was a big role model and someone who inspired me and inspired a whole generation.

Youngest to sister Michelle and brother Billy, she grew up heavily influenced by her Father Bill, a young at heart avid motocross racer.