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Jon bon jovi dating

It’s a good start to a new year when Jake Gyllenhaal goes shirtless at the beach.The 36-year-old actor and his friend Greta Caruso spent the day hanging out at the beach with pal Jon Bon Jovi and his family on Sunday (January 1) in St. PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Jake Gyllenhaal Jake and Greta have been in St.

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It is said that men cannot do more than one unrelated thing at the same time.There was, though, a love triangle involving the actress Diane Lane, his girlfriend in the mid-80s.Lane was getting closer to Bon Jovi’s guitarist, Richie Sambora, and the singer ended up dumping her.Justin Bieber & Jon Bon Jovi Stolen: About $330,000 in concert earnings When...Read Full Story Taylor Swift, Bon Jovi, and Prince William (Getty)Talk about a musical collaboration fit for royalty.The experience then was a good excuse to write one of the band’s biggest hits: .

Since its marriage, the singer’s romantic life has become highly private.

Jon came running out screaming, ‘Let’s get out of here.’ ” Lane couldn’t be reached for comment.

Bon Jovi spokesman Ken Sunshine told Page Six: “Rich is remembered as a nice enough guy who was eventually in over his head as the band’s success grew.

And while they are often romanticized on the big screen (just watch Cary Grant's To Catch a Thief), there is a very real, very expensive side to these Tinsel Town tales.

Below, check out which of your favorite celebrities have been involved, directly or not, with some of the most bizarre and impressive Ocean's 11-type heists.

As far as his attempt to cash in on alleged experiences he had 21 years ago?