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Jon hamm dating history

Jon Hamm, in the good way, is not really very Instead, he’s an enthusiast, what his longtime girlfriend, the actress and filmmaker Jennifer Westfeldt, calls "a goofball and a science nerd and a voracious reader and a fanatical Cardinals fan and a comedy geek." That last, in particular, rings true.Long before stardom, he was a familiar presence on the periphery of L.

"The surprise to me was how good of a dramatic actor he was.A.’s underground comedy scene—a regular at venues like M Bar and Largo.He played in a poker game with guys like Michael Ian Black, David Wain, and host Scott Aukerman.Some, sure, are likely to include male characters who are both charismatic and deeply flawed, who are endlessly contradictory and essentially unknowable—even, or especially, to themselves.But in that way, "antiheroic" was always just a way of saying "real." has long trafficked in emotional violence at least as disturbing as the mayhem of its more overtly bloody counterparts.We no longer need the Trojan horse of genre—Mob show, cop show, period piece, Western—to sneak quality onto the small screen, and we no longer need the glib formulation of the antihero to keep it there.

A TV series can exist just to tell stories now—all kinds of stories, from all kinds of perspectives.

draws to a close, that cocky, depressive adman that Jon Hamm made—and that made Jon Hamm—is going to disappear. D., Before Don: the beat-down Silver Lake house where he had consistently charmed the landlady into waiting a few extra days for the rent, the Eastside "below-the-line" bars where he would drink with grips and best boys and his old Missouri pal Paul Rudd as they waited for something to break.

Which means two things: It's time to sit down and savor that character's closing notes, and then it's time to get excited for everything Jon Hamm is going to do next was close to concluding its second season and had crested, in a little more than a year, into a full-blown cultural phenomenon. Those lean days were near enough removed then that you could still almost feel the chill of cautious anxiety coming off Hamm’s skin.

Our talk was peppered with Six and a half years later, we cruise down La Brea in a pantherine Mercedes-Benz CLS63 AMG—one of the perks of being the voice-over man for the car company’s TV commercials. I get the feeling, by this point, that he also just likes to drive.

At Hamm’s suggestion, we’ve ditched lunch at a nice Beverly Hills restaurant to check out a sandwich shop called Top Round. Ever a bro of his generation, Hamm, now 44, cannot help but quote Ferris Bueller as he eases into gear: "It is choice.

That battle has been won, more quickly and definitively than even the men and women who orchestrated it could have imagined.