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Kim tae hee germany

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Yet many people earn low wages and feel left behind in a globalized economy that has seen the gap grow between rich and poor."If the small baker in Hamburg pays his taxes but the American coffee business next door pays no taxes ...

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The document, which Reuters has seen, shows other likely lines of attack.As European Parliament president, he found himself embroiled in late 2014 in a controversy over how strenuously the parliament would investigate tax deals in Luxembourg during European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker's 18-year tenure as the small country's premier.The deals included favorable arrangements for Amazon and Fiat."He doesn't just want to stand as a candidate, he wants to be chancellor," Post told Reuters."MAN OF THE STREETS" With his focus on fighting inequality, Schulz is trying to sharpen the SPD's policy edge, blunted by spending seven of the last 11 years sharing power as junior coalition partners with Merkel's conservatives."DIFFERENT ATTITUDE" ON GREECE Under Merkel, Germany has led demands for austerity in Greece in return for aid.

Her government wants Athens to reach a primary budget surplus, excluding debt repayments, of 3.5 percent of GDP, and keep it there.

"When we have billions in budget surpluses in this country, I don't want this money used for tax relief on big incomes but rather for it to be invested," Schulz said, demanding more investment in education, infrastructure and digital technology.

By prioritizing investment, Schulz contrasts with Merkel's finance minister, Wolfgang Schaeuble, who is resolute in his pursuit of a balanced budget and who wants to use surpluses to pay off debts now and cut taxes after the election.

if big businesses make more profits for years but real wages in Germany stagnate or fall, that is not fair," Schulz said at a town-hall style meeting in Ahrensburg, near Hamburg, earlier this month.

BRUSSELS BAGGAGE Conservatives have made clear they will attack Schulz's record in Brussels.

They accuse him of failing to adequately separate his dual roles as the politically neutral head of the parliament and as the Social Democrats' lead candidate in the 2014 European elections.