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On the first day of filming, both boys took off their clothes without the least bit of hesitation, and were delighted to be allowed to run and play naked on the beach and in the surf, uninhibited by clothes, especially in the hot Puerto Rican sun.When cinematographer Al Mozell asked Bluemke how far he wanted to go in showing the actors' naked bodies, Bluemke told him to simply film the boys as if they were fully clothed.

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Incidentally, both films are about children marooned on a desert island.Together, the two boys survive on the island, with only each other to rely on. They are faced with threats of poisonous snakes and cannibals, of which they find evidence in the form of human remains, as well as a stranger who mysteriously appears on their island one night. Bluemke originally conceived the idea of retelling the classic Robinson Crusoe story with children as the principals while working at a bank in 1960, seven years before filming would even begin.In choosing his principal actors, Bluemke first cast ten-year-old Ryp Siani in the role of Friday.Mozell reluctantly agreed, saying, "Okay, but nudity is a no-no." Bluemke at the time was under the impression that the nudity depicted in the film would be condoned as natural and innocent, given the backdrop of the story, and given that the actors involved were prepubescent boys.He cited Lord of the Flies as an example, a film which also depicted naked boys in a similar setting, some of whom were even older than Raum and Siani.Warren Raum and Ryp Siani, who played Robby and Friday, respectively, were both Bluemke's first choices for the leading roles.

Fortunately for him, both of the actors and their parents were okay with the nudity featured in the script.

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Robby is a 1968 family film written and directed by Ralph C. It is a modern-day retelling of the Daniel Defoe novel Robinson Crusoe in which the main characters are portrayed as children.

The film deals with many themes, including friendship, homesickness, racial blindness and naturism.

However, Lord of the Flies depicted primarily incidental rear nudity, while Robby included lengthy shots of full frontal nudity of both boys.